Where to wear your flowers

Where to wear your flowers

I have always loved creating flowery things that you can wear. I remember as a kid looping long pieces of ivy into a crown and then using paper clips to hold flowers in place that I had picked from Mum’s garden. When I grew a little older and thought I was too cool to wear them myself I made them for my little sister and her friends.

Luckily I have realised that these things are not just uncool but they are utterly fabulous and a piece of wearable art that can and should be worn to many an occasion or event. I regularly do test runs of what I make and have even been seen wearing a flower tattoo to school pick up as I wanted to test it’s durability.


Road testing..

Winter feel like a time to sort out the garden, recharge and get creative in the world of flowers, so I decided to organise a little photo shoot with the beautiful Amanda Mckay as my model and Dean Desouza behind the lens. Our aim was to show off some of the wearables I am making and introduce more people to the world of fresh floral tattoos.

Hope you love it.


Autumn styled shoot

I am obviously no good at running a current blog, and so much has happened since this last post it would make for a very long and boring post if I tried to update you on it all. Instead, I will give you a little glimpse into a shoot we did last weekend with a group of ridiculously talented Clevedon locals.

The idea was to show case our individual talents and get some new material to use where we were pushing our own limits and boundaries. For me that was gypsophila (or baby's breath as its also known). I have always linked this flower with red roses from the 90's and find it can look so contrived and cliche, however when it is used on mass it starts to capture my interest and I see it as a thing of beauty. 

I decided to buy a load of the stuff, a few roses, orchids, snaps and a single king protea, I then headed out to pick and forage what textural elements I could, to bring through the late autumn feel of the shoot.

I made three bouquets that were large, textual, trailing and beautiful, (if I may say so myself). Each one was different and finished uniquely. One was finished with a cute bespoke macrame wrap from Miss Hemingway, another with white silk from feather and stone and the last some thick lace.

Originally we wanted to set the scene up in a pine forest clearing but Auckland's weather was not going to allow for that, we ended up using Megan McQuinn (from Miss Hemingwaynz) home, it was absolutely perfect... a million times better then a muddy forest location. We hung a  beautiful swing on the porch and I created a seat of flowers that tumbled off the side. There were at least a dozen picturesque backdrops and spot we used so the rain outside did not matter in the slightest. 

All in all it was a great success and I hope you enjoy looking through the images in my gallery

Autumn styled shoot.





All the extra bits

"I'm going to start my own business" I told my husband about 2 years ago. He supportively said "Great tell me about it". So I described to him this business that would cut up a quarter of our section and it would be flooded with flowers planted in rows specifically for my design work, I would take on a limited number of weddings a year so that I could still have family weekends with him and our three kids, I described everything about the flowers, the flowers, the flowers..... what I didn't think about was the branding, the website, the comms, the social media and how my hands are better with flowers than they are with all these technical things.

So here I am 2 years on and finally getting my first blog post up while also building my website.

Sign up to receive my blog posts if you are interested in hearing about what I am designing, what is growing in my garden and some general prattle from me on flowers...... Right, now I need to figure out how I design that sign up button.

The pictures below show some of the process in getting my final logo designed thanks to the talented Helen Keen.