Where to wear your flowers

Where to wear your flowers

I have always loved creating flowery things that you can wear. I remember as a kid looping long pieces of ivy into a crown and then using paper clips to hold flowers in place that I had picked from Mum’s garden. When I grew a little older and thought I was too cool to wear them myself I made them for my little sister and her friends.

Luckily I have realised that these things are not just uncool but they are utterly fabulous and a piece of wearable art that can and should be worn to many an occasion or event. I regularly do test runs of what I make and have even been seen wearing a flower tattoo to school pick up as I wanted to test it’s durability.


Road testing..

Winter feel like a time to sort out the garden, recharge and get creative in the world of flowers, so I decided to organise a little photo shoot with the beautiful Amanda Mckay as my model and Dean Desouza behind the lens. Our aim was to show off some of the wearables I am making and introduce more people to the world of fresh floral tattoos.

Hope you love it.